Monday, 22 August 2011

General update and test video coming out

Ok, for a quick update, i'm not going to be showing you all my games list every saturday, as for most months or two, it will be exactly the same each update. So instead, when i start to play something new or i buy i new game, then i will make a blog post :) Sorry for the bad-ish news, but i'm just doing it for you guys :')

In other news, my first video is coming out.....which is a 12 second test video >.>

At the moment i'm ironing out some bumps with my recording software and what not, plus, the youtube upload time is horrendous, so at the moment, i have only the will power to put out this test video, but fear not, more mc will possibly be coming out soon, possibly in this week :D (which is soon for me :L)


  1. Don't worry about explaining what you are doing too much. Focus on getting the content out there :)

    - Jamin

  2. Lol, thanks dude :) My first true follower who comments and actually checks my stuff :')